Our private tours are customised with YOU in mind. With a Culture Ambassador and Chauffeured car at your service, you are exclusively guided through the city, with conversations and sensitivity to your (possibly) changing moods, interests and curiosities.

If you’re a weary traveler, and don’t really know what you want, and what you ought to do, the safest option is leave it to the last moment. Sounds scary, but you’ll be amazed at how good our culture ambassadors are at gauging your interests, making an on-the-spot program, and improvising along the way. That’s right, too much planning sometimes isn’t a good thing! And in the case of our tours, the more careless abandon you come with the more happy you’ll find yourself as the tour unfolds.

But if you are the kind who likes to think things through, please look at the Theme Options below for some ideas.

Availability: all days, but limited.

Timings: 9 am – 5 pm (approx)


      • Breakfast at a Snake Temple
      • Walk through old alleyways and explore what goes on in them: some art, some craft, some tradition, some religion
      • Gossip with locals over tea or coffee at a local, old cafe
      • Visit a farmer’s market: wholesale flowers, fruit, vegetables, spices, nuts and bolts
      • Take a historical drive through the city’s old roads and parliament area
      • Visit a project focused on Women’s empowerment set in the heart of one of Bangalore’s old slums
      • Conversations about family values, history and decadence over lunch hosted by an Indian family in their home
      • Visit a Kali temple, set in the heart of a Hindu cemetery
      • Washerman’s village where the Madivala cast of people do laundry for a living
      • Visit Bangalore’s oldest church and the scrap market behind it where dubious car parts are sold
      • End with a mug of beer at an up-beat restaurant and a foot massage at a spa


Write to contact@bluefoot.in with your preferred tour date, number of guests and their names and ages, local bangalore address, phone number. Please wait to hear back from us with regards to availability. You may pay in cash at the end of the tour.