We offer Bridge Workshops for  individuals, groups or families that are attempting to live in India, with Indians. Or simply trying to understand and digest India out of personal or academic interest.

Throwing light on culture gaps between another culture (other cultures) and India, and with a focus on how to bridge these without going ethnocentric, we hold tailored programs that give insight and inspiration to acclimatize our patrons and make the most of a mixed cultural environment. We offer:

    • Workshop for spouses or families of corporate employees who need adaptation coaching for day to day life to India.
    • One on One coaching for you to cope with Culture Shock.
    • Family Coaching to help your home run as smoothly as can be in India (including perhaps liaising with your domestic staff)
    • Road trips for common interest groups, that want to explore India with a specific subject of interest

Available: Anywhere in the world you want!

Indicative Price: One-on-one / Family coaching: 2000 INR per hour.